How To Have An

Unplugged Wedding?

Social media now plays a huge part in wedding planning and we imagine you’ve found plenty of incredible professionals through it – including me! Plus, newly engaged couples are constantly surrounded by a plethora of wedding prettiness and inspiration. But I’m finding that more and more couples are choosing to switch off for their celebration, opting for an unplugged wedding. 

How do you feel about social media? Do you want details of our special day being posted online or would you rather your guests put their devices away and connect with you and your wedding, rather than the wi-fi?!

unplugged wedding

If it’s something you are considering, you need to decide before the big day take place. Do you want a completely unplugged wedding or would you rather your friends and family step away from sharing any pictures on their social media? It’s a topic you need to discuss together so make sure you give it some real thought.

Whatever your decision may be, you need to let your guests know! Include some clever wording on your invitations or add a quick section about social media and technology on your wedding website. You need to make sure your request to unplug is as clear as possible for your guests – it’s easier to follow the rules when you know them! 

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Make sure you reinforce the message on your actual wedding day too – there are a couple of ways to do this. You could delegate the task to a couple of members of your bridal party to remind guests to switch off during the ceremony as they arrive, or you could use some pretty signage to let guests know you’re going unplugged. Some couples may even want their officiant to make an announcement ahead of the ceremony. 

Let your photographer know that you’ve decided to go social media free for your special day, we’ll love you for it! All too often, I capture beautiful images that are mixed with iPads and iPhones poking their way into the picture. As the bride, you don’t want to walk down the aisle to a sea of devices rather than smiling faces! While we’re on the topic of talking to the professionals, double-check with your supplier contracts about their use of images on social media.

For couples who only want professional images to be used online, I suggest sharing a link to your professional images with your friends and family. Or, you could have a photo-booth so that your guests have a chance to get some fun photos – these are usually the most hilarious! 

Whether you want a photo-free ceremony, or you want to say goodbye to social media completely, an unplugged wedding is ultimately about encouraging your guests to put down their devices and be present for your day. Some guests will forget or ignore your requests, but don’t let that dishearten you. An unplugged wedding is a chance to connect with those you really love! DOn't forget to take a look at my other articles that might help you to plan the wedding of your dreams. for example here's an article i wrote about having an eco-responsible wedding.


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