Between now and your wedding

In between :

Let’s get social! Find me on Insta or Facebook. I love sharing snippets of my life and work and seeing yours to get to know you better. I must confess that i don't update or post as much as i should, but whatever.

If you need any supplier recommendations, just ask! I’d love to introduce you to other wedding professionals that are great at what they do. If you need help with your timeline and planning, I’m happy to help, and please keep me up to date about any change in plans. 


I’ll send out a digital questionnaire that i will need you to fill up with all sorts of praticals details and addresses. That's also the moment where you include anything you want me to know, any photo requests, and your hopes and dreams! People i shouldn't miss, those to avoid ;)


Now that the timelines are set let’s chat. We can do a phone call or a Skype call, whatever you prefer! The point is to be in touch and up to date with the latest details. I’ll also be sending your final payment invoice at that time. 


The day is here, and now is the time for you to take it all in. Don’t worry about rain, or if your flowers will be the right shade. All the planning and backup you’ve done will sort everything out, and all you have to do is get married to that person you love. Pop the cork, sip the champagne and look around at all the people you love best in one place. I’ll be documenting everything for you, so put your phone away and let me capture your memories. Enjoy!


Your full online gallery of curated photos from your wedding day will be shared, you will also be delivered with your full digital file containing all your HD pictures and we shall all live happily ever after! 


If you are working with a planner, they will help you with the timeline of your day so we can plan your couple’s portraits. As a natural light photographer, I’m always seeking the best lighting for your photos. As you know it, i'm more into doing severals little couple's photo sessions than one big at the time. We can do one after your first look, and one at sundown for example.

In some cases, I will look for shaded areas that will produce better photos. I’m always happy to advise when the best time of day for portraits is for the time of year you are getting married! In a perfect world all my couples would get married on a slightly cloudy day. Cloud provides the most flattering, even light. But whatever the weather I will be one step ahead of it, armed with a plan so that you don't have to give it a moments thought. 

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