The ceremony is the most sacred part of the day, where you become joined to your partner. It’s good to have the discussion well before your wedding day, what you want to be captured during the ceremony, and even how close you want your wedding photographer and videographer to get. Some couples feel like this is distracting if there are too many people near the altar, and that it will also interfere with the guest’s enjoyment of your vows. We will discuss your preferences at your phone call ahead of the wedding.

There are also some other factors you want to consider so your ceremony photos are the best quality possible. I have found that many couples have not considered these things, but they can make a big difference in the quality of your ceremony photos. 

Church/Religious Restrictions 

Some churches and religions have restrictions on where I can be in the area, and sometimes even when I can photograph. Please know that I will do my best to capture as much as I am able without being disrespectful. That's also up to you to check with your priest / pastor / rabbi if he's ok with me being around or not. 

Indoor Lighting  

Natural light is always best. If your church or ceremony space has big, open windows, then ask if the additional lighting can be turned off during the ceremony so it doesn’t compete with that beautiful light streaming in. If your wedding is in the winter or the evening, lots of candles or string lights will help the quality of your images. 

Midday Ceremonies 

Here in the France, depends on the regions but we don’t always have an idea what kind of weather we will get! If you are planning a outdoor ceremony midday and it’s sunny and hot out, it can make for sweaty guests and blown out skies in the photos. If at all possible, plan your ceremony for later on in the day, or find a place where you can get married in the shade. Cloud cover is my favourite, it makes for the most flattering, even light so don’t worry if it’s cloudy on your wedding day, because I am doing a happy dance. 

Logistical Restrictions 

If you get married outdoors, it’s typically easy for us to move freely around capturing guest’s emotions. However, it is helpful if you have areas on the sides of the seating as well as in the back so we can move around as inconspicuously as possible. 

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