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Let's go to the northeast of France today for a French Chic real wedding in Nancy, a riverfront city in the northeastern French region of Grand Est which is known for its late baroque and art nouveau landmarks. I love the look of this chic city and it appears i'm not the only one. Let me introduce to you Sophie & Patricio. Sophie is from Nancy, Patricio is born in Argentina but moved to Italy with his parents when he was younger. The couple met at work in Germany where they now live. They came to Nancy to get married, at the beautiful Grand Hotel De La Reine on the Stanislas square. A square from the 16th century that is classified at the UNESCO patrimony.

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The first thing you have to be sure of before contacting me is that my style meets your needs.

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My believe is that every person should be framed in the moments they’ve felt the most loved and cared for.

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a few more words about this wedding in Nancy

Sophie’s parents live in the suburbs of Nancy, but the couple didn’t want to have the preps done at the same place, so Patricio left on the Friday evening to rest at the Grand Hotel De La Reine. Early on the wedding day Sophie went to the hairdresser and got her preps done. Patricio was joined by some of his best men who gathered from everywhere, India, France and Germany. The day was really hot and as soon as Patricio has his suit on he knew he was in for some insane sweating moments. After some shots and portrait of him and his best men on this beautiful square we headed to Sophie’s parents house to arrange the first look moment.

The house has a lovely swimming pool in the backyard so I decided that it should happen there. Sophie was really nervous while Patricio was more relaxed but couldn’t wait for this moment to happen. I was nervous too cause it would be the first time that I have the couple, reunite in front of my camera. I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of intimacy and how they would react. I guided them at first, told them to try to forget me as much as they could for now and for the rest of the day. And it worked.

After the first look, it was time to head to the city hall for the civil union. All family and friends was there, it was a small wedding of 55 people. Some would come from Italy, Germany, Argentina and USA. There’s nothing more to say about the civil union, it was very quick. After that we had to walk to the church for the official ceremony, the church was 50 meters away from the City town hall so everybody’s walked down. The ceremony was very intimate.

After that everybody headed for the The Hotel de la Reine on Stanislas square in Nancy. We did some group shots and then it was time for the couple session. The couple wanted to make the couple session happen in the square but I was reluctant at first knowing that it will be really crowded on a Saturday afternoon and that we won’t have the intimacy required for a couple session. So I found a solution, I had to find a way to have access to the rooftops of the square, one way or another. I first tried to ask permission for some restaurants but all of them declined, arguing they hadn’t enough time for us. I was running out of options and in a desperate move I rang some doorbells randomly. Lucky enough one young guy answered and immediately said yes. I ran to get Sophie & Patricio and there we go, on the rooftop of the Stanislas square for a real unique and magical moment that I’m sure they’ll never forget. That’s how I see a part of my job, improvise on the spot and try to create timeless memories out of nothing. They often say that the difference between a amateur photographer and a professional photographer is that an amateur takes good pictures in a good environment and ideal conditions while a professional takes good pictures in awful conditions.


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