Wedding at Château de Saulxures-les-Nancy

Let's go to the northeast of France today for a French Chic real wedding in Saulxures-les-Nancy in the suburbs of Nancy a riverfront city in the northeastern French region of Grand Est which is known for its late baroque and art nouveau landmarks. Bertille and David immediately fall in love with the Château de Saulxures-les-Nancy when they first came to visit. Bertille's family is from around but David is from Germany where the young couple live now.

about le château de saulxures-les-nancy

The Château de Saulxures-les-Nancy was built, during the reign of Louis XV, during the 1730s, by Count Claude-Marcel de Rutant, captain of Cuirassiers, Major of the Regiment in the Guards of HRH the Duke of Lorraine. His little daughter, Charlotte de Rutant, aged 22, was arrested there on April 24, 1793, then guillotined in Paris, October 5, 1793, despite the petitions from the villages of Saulxures and Pulnoy. In 1866, on the occasion of the celebrations of the attachment of Lorraine to France, the Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III, was received there by the Countess Adeline de Rutant.

In 1942, it was invested by German troops who intended it for a petrol depot site, and for the accommodation of firefighters, in defense of the Essey airfield. On September 17, 1944, the Americans settled there, and remained there until the end of the war. This period caused him to suffer significant and still very visible damage. In 1970, it is registered on the Additional Inventory of Picturesque Sites of Meurthe et Moselle, with part of its park; then in 1979, on the Additional Inventory of Historic Monuments.

In 1993, the entire central part of its vast orangery disappeared, very seriously endangered by the earthquake of 1992. However, two testimonies remain: a square tower saved, east side; and a dovecote located to the west, overlooking the Place des Monuments aux Morts de Saulxures-les-Nancy, restored with all its original functionality. The reception rooms (350m²) are open to cultural, festive or luxurious French styled weddings. Its large park contributes to give it all the charm of the countryside at the gates of the city.

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