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Let's go to the northeast of France today for a French Chic real wedding near Reims.

During this pretty bizarre year of 2020 i had fews opportunities to shot weddings. So i was really thrilled when Alison told me that they wanted to maintain their wedding. I drove all the way to Domaine du Montremy nearby Reims in the heart of the Champagne area. Please take a look at this vibrant moment during a mosdef strange year.

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a few more words about this wedding in Reims

A few words from Alison & Pierre about their wedding:

Can you tell us about your couple, how you met?

  • Our story began behind our respective computer screens, on a site dedicated to video game streaming (Twitch) ... A somewhat unusual site for dating, we grant you! Over the months, we became playmates, then friends. Until the day we decided to meet outside of the virtual world and no longer hide behind "pseudo" names. Love at first sight was immediate!

How did the proposal occured?

  • It was the day of our anniversary, in the living room of our apartment, music from our favorite group in the background… A simple marriage proposal! - And that I had sensed a few days before: "The jewelry store that calls you? Well ! "

Can you tell us about the organization of your wedding? The chosen theme? How did you choose the providers?

  • For the organization of our wedding, we wanted to be surrounded by providers who resemble us and whom we can have complete confidence in when the day comes. And that's why we took the time to meet them, one by one. For us, it was all a question of “feeling”, even if it meant going over our budget. After all, we don't get married every day!

What advice would you give to a future couple to prepare for their wedding? / What advice would you give to future married couples to enjoy their day even more?

  • The best advice we can give to the bride and groom would be to have a wedding that looks like them, surrounded by providers whom they can trust with their eyes closed. And above all, not to be afraid to delegate to take full advantage of this wonderful day!

What is your best memory of your wedding?

  • Honestly, we have so many fond memories from this wedding that it's impossible for us to choose just one! Because despite the smiles hidden behind the masks and the frustration of not being able to kiss our loved ones, nor to hug them, the Covid-19 health crisis will not have got the better of our marriage, nor our enthusiasm. Everything was absolutely perfect!

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