A Romantic Fairytale: A Northern Irish Couple's Dream Wedding in Chateau Saint-Paul, France

In the heart of enchanting Dordogne and Perigord region of France, where dreams dance upon the velvety moonlight, a love story unfolds like a blossom in spring. Two souls from Northern Ireland, bound by destiny's invisible thread, find themselves immersed in the magic of Chateau Saint-Paul in Boudy de Beauregard, embarking on a journey to say "I do" amidst the splendor of love. Meet Catherine & Kevin!

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A Dream Wedding Destination

When the time came to take their love to new heights, Catherine & Kevin decided on a destination wedding at Chateau Saint-Paul in Boudy-de-Beauregard a timeless small French village, nestled in the picturesque countryside of France halfway in between Bergerac and Alés. The castle, a timeless masterpiece, became the backdrop of their romantic fairytale.

Chateau Saint-Paul - A Palace of Love

As the sun sets upon the rolling vineyards, the chateau stands tall, adorned with history and adorned with love. Its ancient stones whisper the tales of lovebirds that have graced its halls.

The wedding day arrived like a crescendo of emotions. Family and friends gathered in joyous celebration as Catherine and Kevin pledged their love beneath the azure sky. Vows exchanged in the incredible Chapel that's on the property, promises made, and a kiss to seal their fate, they became one, bound in love's embrace. The celebration was hold by Michelle, The Dordogne celebrant.

Why Choose Dordogne for Your Special Day?

The Allure of Dordogne, France

Beyond the castle's embrace lies the captivating region of Dordogne, where time seems to stand still amidst medieval towns, serene rivers, and lush landscapes.

FAQ: Why should one choose the Dordogne region in France for their wedding?

The Dordogne region offers a unique and idyllic setting for weddings. Its charming chateaus, quaint villages, and breathtaking landscapes create an ethereal ambiance for a dream wedding. The region's rich cultural heritage and gourmet delights add an exquisite touch to the celebration, making it an unforgettable experience for the couple and their guests. It's also very well deserved by the Dordogne and Perigord Airport in Bergerac that offers many destinations with almost all major cities from the U.K and Ireland.

A Forever Engraved Love

As the stars adorned the night sky, Catherine and Kevin's hearts were eternally united, and their love story engraved in the tapestry of time. Their wedding at Chateau Saint-Paul was not just a celebration of love, but a testament to the power of fate and the allure of France's romantic charm.

Love, like a waltz, danced gracefully on the grounds of Chateau Saint-Paul, and the couple embarked on a journey of love and togetherness, hand in hand, into the promising horizon of forever.


  1. How can I plan a destination wedding at Chateau Saint-Paul, France?
  • To plan a wedding at Chateau Saint-Paul, you can contact their dedicated wedding planners through their official website (https://chateaustpaul.fr/). They will assist you in organizing a magical celebration of love in this historic castle.
  1. What makes Chateau Saint-Paul a popular choice for destination weddings?
  • Chateau Saint-Paul's rich history, stunning architecture, and romantic ambiance make it a sought-after destination for couples seeking a fairytale wedding experience. Its scenic location in France's picturesque countryside adds to its charm.
  1. Is Chateau Saint-Paul open for elopements and intimate weddings?
  • Yes, Chateau Saint-Paul caters to both grand celebrations and intimate gatherings, including elopements. The castle's versatility allows couples to tailor their wedding experience according to their desires.
  1. Can guests stay at Chateau Saint-Paul during the wedding celebrations?
  • Chateau Saint-Paul offers luxurious accommodation options for guests, providing them with an opportunity to experience the enchantment of the castle while celebrating the couple's special day.
  1. What are some other attractions in the Dordogne region for wedding guests to explore?
  • The Dordogne region offers an array of attractions, including charming villages, prehistoric caves, historic sites, and delectable culinary experiences. Guests can indulge in the region's beauty and culture while attending the wedding festivities.

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